Degrees and Certificates


EDU 201: Foundations of Education

This course explores the social, political and philosophical forces behind school structures and practices in the United States as they have evolved over time. Students analyze the interaction of ideas and practices in past, current and future contexts. Critical thinking skills are developed so students think seriously about education as a potential career. Course readings, class activities and projects provide students with a framework from which they can formulate their own educational principles and standards. 10 hours of supervised classroom experience is included. Students seeking admittance to the accelerated education pathway in partnership with UVEI are required to achieve a grade of B or higher.

EDU 204: Educational Technology

This course introduces and applies educational multimedia technology in 21st century teaching and learning in a dynamic global society. Students will develop relevant learning experiences incorporating contemporary technological resources to maximize content learning in varied contexts. Students will be guided to examine/shape their educational philosophy and expand their technological literacy and skills by applying Google tools, Web 2.0 platforms and portable mobile technologies to support K-12 student learning.

EDU 210: Classroom Practices

Students will learn about teaching practices through a seminar component and observation and interaction with an experienced classroom teacher in an area school. Thirty hours of supervised classroom hours are included.

EDU 220: Classroom Management

This course will present best practices for establishing a safe, effective and engaging classroom environment for children with diverse needs. Pre-service teachers will have opportunities to observe and practice strategies for organizing classroom space, materials and schedules. Ways to set high expectations for individual and group behavior will be examined, as well as how to respond or accommodate inappropriate behavior. Emphasis will be placed on theory, research and practical applications of classroom management procedures. 20 hours of supervised classroom experiences are included.

EDU 305: Methods in Teaching

Students will teach and critique lessons and apply and develop assessment tools. Curriculum models and frameworks are introduced and applied. Opportunities for work with children and adolescents are provided through the 30-hour practicum. Students seeking admittance to the Accelerated Education pathway in partnership with UVEI certification are required to achieve a grade of B+ or higher.

EDU 490: Classroom Internship

This course represents a full-time 14-week teaching experience under the mentorship of an experienced classroom teacher in an area school with faculty supervision. The purpose of the student teaching program is for the student to demonstrate competency in the planning, implementation and documentation of learning and development in a classroom setting serving diverse children and families. A seminar component will include professional development through discussion of educational issues and applications of theories and teaching methods through field experiences in local schools. Graded Pass/Fail.