Degrees and Certificates


THE 140: Acting Studio I

An introductory course in acting technique with physical and vocal work included. Students will be introduced to the basic processes and vocabulary of the actor. Students will use in class scene work and production attendance to learn about the craft of performance. No prior acting experience is required. Rehearsal time outside of class is required.

THE 230: Stagecraft

Designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the artistic and technical skills essential to theater production, this course introduces the tools and hardware necessary for the creation of scenery, properties, sound effects and lighting. This course combines lecture and laboratory work and requires backstage participation in college productions. Students are required to learn and follow appropriate safety protocols for the studio and stage.

THE 240: Acting Studio II

This course builds on the processes and skills acquired in Acting Studio I with an increased focus on script analysis and the development of intentions, motivations and tactics through the performance of monologues and scenes written by modern realistic playwrights such as Miller, Williams, Mamet, Vogel and LaBute. Rehearsal time outside of class is required.

THE 330: Advanced Stagecraft

This course introduces the intermediate fundamentals of theatrical scenery and lighting, exploring color theory, design for diverse types of productions and the director designer relationship. Students become familiar with architectural aspects of the stage and types of scenery and lighting, expanding their working knowledge of materials, tools and technical skills. Students learn by doing, participating on the tech crew for at least two Sawyer Center productions, and they are required to follow appropriate safety protocols.

THE 340: Acting Studio III

This course focuses on intensive script analysis and performance of scenes and soliloquies from plays that demand a heightened performance style. The course will introduce acting theory through readings, videos, visiting lectures and field trips. Rehearsal time outside of class is required.

THE 430: Theatrical Design

Students study the principles of design, the development of a design concept, script analysis from the designer’s perspective, collaborative work and the working parameters present in a theater. This course is suited for students who have experience working in the theater or those who want to apply design skills in other areas to theater, particularly sculpture and painting.

THE 440: Acting Studio IV

This course focuses on the collaborative relationship between actor, director, playwright and designers. Students discover how creating new work together results in exciting theatrical events. Students will be expected to develop independent projects which will demonstrate a high level of understanding of the art of acting in a realized performance. Rehearsal time outside of class is required.