Health Science

Degrees and Certificates


HS 285: Health Science Internship

This 80-hour minimum experience for health science majors is designed to allow for student participation in programs relevant to your major. Graded Pass/Fail.

HS 485: Health Science Internship

Students in this course enroll in a department approved internship with an appropriate health related organization. Methods of evaluation are determined by a faculty sponsor in conjunction with the on-site supervisor. An oral presentation of the internship experience is required. A minimum of 200 hours is required for this internship. Graded Pass/Fail.

HS 487: Research in ESS: Critical Components

In this first semester of the capstone students explore a topic of their choosing. This exploration involves reviewing and synthesizing the primary literature in the area as well as developing an original area of inquiry and the methods necessary to complete the investigation. Throughout the process, students review, learn and incorporate basic techniques and procedures associated with the research process.

HS 488: Research in ESS: Assessment and Analysis

In this course students complete the investigation of the topic they designed in ESS 487 and present the results and analysis of their findings. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of various types of data and information as well as the interpretation of the findings.