WII 303: Inside Washington, D.C.

Credits 3

This program welcomes all majors and is a multidisciplinary internship program examining the way in which diverse fields ranging from communication and literature to business, government, the arts and education, converge in the nation’s capital to create and influence today’s politics and policy. Inside Washington combines an intensive academic seminar exploring the shape of recent U.S. history, current events and the politics influencing the national agenda with a substantive, hands-on internship within a field of interest. Students will spend the semester reflecting on the many ways their academic fields and professional goals can make them more active citizens and prepare them for a leadership role on the local, state or global level. Sample internships include Capitol Hill, U.S. Department of Justice, Meet the Press, Smithsonian Institute, Internal Revenue Service, Council on Economic Advisors, CNN (Cable News Network) and Newseum. Graded by WII faculty.

  • Completion of four Liberal Education Core Areas.