WII 302: Environmental and Sustainability Policy Studies (ESPS)

Credits 3
Integrative Experience Course
Integrative Experience

Examines how U.S. environmental and sustainability policies are made, who and what influences their creation and the scope and breadth of the field. ESPS introduces students to the players and institutions that shape environmental decision making on the major issues of our time including climate change, energy sustainability, manufacturing, architecture, urban planning, endangered species, the oceans and many others. ESPS also critically analyzes the convergence of U.S. environmental policy with the challenges and realities of geopolitics. This is an exciting and challenging time for students to see firsthand the intersection between environmental decision making and the rapidly changing world of scientific discovery and domestic and international politics. Sample internships include: American Forests, American Rivers, Climate Institute, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Sierra Club, U.S. Building Council and World Wildlife Fund. Graded by WII faculty.

  • Completion of four Liberal Education Core Areas.