Study Abroad/Away

The study abroad program at Colby-Sawyer College provides students the opportunity to acquire broad cultural knowledge and practical skills which will enable them to participate fully in a global society and to contribute to the internationalization of the Colby-Sawyer College campus through academically demanding international programs. Study abroad is open to Colby-Sawyer College students who have a 2.80 minimum cumulative GPA and are in good academic and social standing with the college.

Colby-Sawyer College program affiliates offer academic opportunities that will complement a student’s degree program. Students accepted to Colby-Sawyer College Study Abroad/Away maintain their enrollment status at Colby-Sawyer, allowing them to carry their Pell Grants, Subsidized Stafford and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans into their international or domestic study programs. Please note: All final grades received while studying away/abroad with an affiliated program will transfer back to Colby-Sawyer College with their equivalent letter grade from the participating affiliated organization/institution. This includes grades below a C.

Students interested in study abroad and study away programs can receive information and assistance from the Harrington Center for Experiential Learning. Colby-Sawyer College has affiliations with several programs allowing students to study in a wide variety of countries. These affiliate programs include: Academic Programs International, American Institute of Foreign Study, Council on International Educational Exchange, Florida Atlantic University, the School for Field Studies, Center for International Studies and The Education Abroad Network.

To be eligible for study abroad, students must meet deadlines found on the Academic Calendar or with the Harrington Center. Students must initially apply to study abroad/away with the Harrington Center and then, upon approval, can apply to their program of choice.