ART 247: Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Class Program
Credits 4
Liberal Education Core

Objects for personal adornment have, for centuries, been part of our culture. Often these objects serve as a means of distinguishing ourselves as a distinct culture or group as well as a means of personal expression, remembrance or commemoration. This course will explore some of the different forms and functions that the medium has taken in various cultures around the world. The focus of the course will be on the production of jewelry and/or small-scale metal sculpture. Students will learn some of the traditional methods of jewelry fabrication and design working with precious and non-precious metal and stones.

Please note: As with many studio courses, some materials will be provided for the class, and some will be purchased by students. Given the current increased cost of metal, expected individual costs are $130+ (depending on the precious or non-precious materials students choose).

Semester Offered
Offered fall