Degrees and Certificates


SDM 285: SDM Introductory Internship

This multidisciplinary internship gives students the opportunity to explore potential career opportunities available to graduates with their self-designed major. Internships can include a wide range of experiences suited to students’ particular interests. Students must submit an internship contract application to the Harrington Center for Experiential Learning and a study plan to the dean for the School of Business & Social Sciences for approval prior to beginning the internship. Graded pass/fail. Internships are arranged through the Harrington Center with approval and evaluation by faculty sponsors. Specific information is available from the Harrington Center.

SDM 475: Self-Designed Major Advanced Research Seminar

The advanced research seminar is an opportunity for students to carry out an in-depth research project in their self-designed program. The final project must make extensive use of primary research, use data analysis, best practices in writing, and research methods appropriate to the student’s disciplines. Working with a faculty sponsor, students design and initiate the research project, analyze their findings and present their conclusions. Formal presentation of the results at the end of the project is required. (WI) (QL) Prerequisite: Senior Standing. Offered spring.

SDM 485: SDM Advanced Internship

This internship provides students with an opportunity to explore areas of professional interest and development as well as potential careers. The internship can be completed in a variety of private or public settings and requires students to draw connections among the various academic areas and disciplines of the multidisciplinary studies major with the career or internship setting and the learning objectives of the internship experience. Students must complete a minimum of 120 on-site hours (equivalent of 3 credits). Graded pass/fail.

SDM 486: Research Methods

Students design a research plan that facilitates an original exploration of a particular theme that integrates multiple research methodologies. Students begin by conducting an extensive review of the literature and other work on their topic and learn about (and practice) research techniques used in various appropriate disciplines, such as surveys, archival research and oral interviews. This plan synthesizes their own and existing research and thinking.

SDM 487: Self-Designed Senior Capstone

This course involves a semester of directed research in which students develop a project that draws on the various disciplines studied in the major. The project should demonstrate originality through its conceptualization, data collected, and/or analysis. Students work with a faculty sponsor and present their research to the college community at a spring symposium. Offered spring. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.