Public Health

Degrees and Certificates


PBH 230: Introduction to Public Health

This course introduces the basic principles of public health. The context and scope of public health are covered including history, philosophy, essential services, ethics and application to current events. Public health is explored from both historical and modern perspectives. Some of the topics covered include social justice, health disparities, vulnerable populations and the role of governments in health care.

PBH 232: Mental Health Systems

This course focuses on the mental health delivery system and how people with mental illness interact with the public health and mental health system. The changing social constructions of mental illness and its evolution over time are explored as well as the related historical and contemporary public policy developments.

PBH 306: Health Research Methods

This course prepares students to effectively assess and apply research evidence and skills in health studies practice. Students will be able to evaluate the quality of health data, conduct a literature review and apply principles of ethics. Research skills including study design and data analysis will prepare students to design and evaluate a research project at the undergraduate level.

PBH 330: Epidemiology

This course is designed to introduce students to the field of epidemiology. Students are presented with the historical role of epidemiology in the understanding of disease causation as well as the role of modern epidemiology in public health and health education.

PBH 332: Prevention of Illness and Injury

Prevention of illness and injury, a thrust of the public health system, is vital to improving health care outcomes and controlling health care costs in the world today. This course explores and analyzes the multitude of systems and theories that contribute to the prevention of illness and injury.

PBH 401: Public Health Policy and Law

Public health policies and laws represent responses to complex public health problems and are typically matters of significant local, state and national concern. The goal of health policy is to promote and protect the health and welfare of individuals and populations and the legal system is often the structure through which public policy is enacted. This course introduces students to the public health policy arena through the examination of current key issues in the field.

PBH 485: Public Health Internship

Students enroll for varied credit in a program approved internship with a public health related organization. Methods of evaluation are determined by a faculty sponsor in conjunction with the on-site supervisor. An oral presentation of the internship experience is required. A minimum of 80 hours is required for this internship. Graded Pass/Fail.

PBH 486: Public Health Capstone I

Students propose, design and implement a comprehensive literature review in an area of interest within the public health field. Students meet weekly as a group with the course instructor to discuss design, methodology, results and progress toward completion of the review.

PBH 487: Public Health Capstone II

In this course students design a project from their learning in PBH 486. In coordination with their capstone advisor students are expected to envision a project that appropriately responds to their literature review findings. Students give an oral presentation of their project and submit a final paper.