Leave of Absence Policy

Colby-Sawyer College allows students to interrupt their study for two semesters for an Educational Leave of Absence (ELOA). Students may apply for an ELOA to study at another approved institution here or abroad and request that the grades and credits be accepted by Colby-Sawyer College.

The Colby-Sawyer College registrar must approve all courses prior to enrollment and students must earn a minimum grade of C (2.00) in each course to receive transfer credit. Grades for transferable academic credits earned at accredited institutions during the leave will become part of the student’s permanent record and cumulative grade point average. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the Colby-Sawyer College Registrar’s Office with an official transcript for courses taken at another college or university.

An ELOA does not affect the completion of college residency or academic requirements. An approved leave assures that degree requirements of the program in which the students are enrolled will remain unchanged for them or will be negotiated as appropriate. However, it does not guarantee the student’s return to the residence hall occupied prior to the leave.

Application for an Educational Leave of Absence

Students who choose to take an Educational Leave of Absence (ELOA) should have an exit interview with the director of student success and retention and complete the Application for an Educational Leave of Absence form. Also, students must have exit interviews with the academic advisor.

Returning from an Educational Leave of Absence

Students who plan to return to the college after an Educational Leave of Absence (ELOA) must register for courses by June 1st for the fall semester or by January 1st for the spring semester. Students who do not register for courses by these dates will be withdrawn from the college, and the withdrawal will be dated from the last day of the semester for which they began their ELOA. Prior to returning to the college, the student is responsible for contacting the Registrar’s Office, Financial Services, Financial Aid, Residential Education (if a resident student) and International Students (if a F-1 student) Offices.