Internships Across the Curriculum

In keeping with Colby-Sawyer College’s goal to integrate the liberal arts and sciences with professional preparation, students have opportunities to gain practical experience in a chosen field through internships in a wide range of organizations. Internships are integrative learning experiences designed to provide students with learning opportunities under collaborative supervision among Colby-Sawyer College faculty, staff and work-site professionals. Internships allow students to enhance their academic programs with work experience related to career interests in business, industry, government, healthcare, sports, science, education, human services, plus many opportunities in national and international settings.

All majors require that students take an internship while enrolled at the college. Programs in nursing have specific certification and accreditation requirements, and related information can be found in these respective sections. Internships are arranged through the Harrington Center for Experiential Learning with approval and evaluation by faculty sponsors. Specific information on internship policies and procedures as well as student, faculty sponsor and career center responsibilities is available from the Harrington Center.

Internships Across the Curriculum support the goal of the college to integrate liberal arts and sciences with professional preparation. Yearly placement survey results show that Colby-Sawyer College students consistently achieve employment and admission to graduate school in areas related to their majors. It is evident in feedback from employers that the internship experience makes Colby-Sawyer graduates stand out from other job candidates.

Eligibility Requirements

Any matriculating student is eligible for an internship provided that the student:

  • Has earned enough credits for sophomore status;
  • Has completed internship requirements with the Harrington Center including successful passing of either the Pre-Internship Seminar on Moodle or of INT 010 Introduction to Career Development, resume uploaded to Harrington Center through their online career services platform, currently Handshake, submission of Internship Intent Form, create a basic LinkedIn account and submits an Internship Contract;
  • Meets the criteria established by the college and by each discipline for participation and has program approval;
  • Has a different experience for each subsequent internship;
  • No former supervisors – on or off campus – may act as supervisors for this internship;
  • Has a college-approved on-site supervisor;
  • No family members are members of the on-site staff;
  • The student meets academic qualifications.

Students who are suspended from the college may not participate in internships.


Each major may have established prerequisites for students wishing to undertake internships. However, these are the general guidelines:

  • Students will be registered for the internship by the Harrington Center upon approval of the internship contract arranged with the Harrington Center.
  • Internships numbered 285 and 485 will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis.
  • Forty site-directed hours equals one credit for all majors except child development and psychology which have a required classroom component.
  • Internships are either 285 (exploratory) or 485 (advanced).
  • Internship credit is limited to a maximum of 16 credits towards graduation.
  • In a given semester, a student is only allowed to take one internship.
  • Each internship will be a different experience for each student, with a different site supervisor.
  • Interdisciplinary internships (INT 285, INT 485) are available.

For specific add, drop and withdrawal dates please refer to the Academic Calendar.