Interdisciplinary Studies


INT 010: Introduction to Career Development

This interdisciplinary seminar is designed to assist students in preparation for their career and internship searches. The seminar will cover career development deliverables such as resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing, networking and general business etiquette and communication. In addition, administrative requirements to applying for and completing the internship will be covered. Students must pass the course in order to satisfy pre-internship seminar requirements. Graded Pass/Fail

INT 120: Applications of Microsoft Excel

This hands-on course familiarizes students with key features of Microsoft Excel, including entering and formatting data, creating formulas, creating graphs and using basic data analysis tools. Since computer software is constantly changing, strategies for independently learning new software will also be emphasized.

INT 200: Professional Writing Seminar

This course introduces students to various technical and professional writing skills required in most organizations today. Students will learn and practice fundamental business writing skills by reading, drafting and revising various communications such as emails, memoranda, letters, proposals, reports and resumes. Proper and professional use of mechanical writing skills and formatting will be emphasized. This course also offers an overview of citing credible sources and preparing a reference list in APA format, as well as the appropriate use of appendices in work-related reports. Instructional methods will include a combination of oral and written presentations, discussion forums and skills practice on both an individual and collaborative basis.

INT 285, 485: Interdisciplinary Internships

An INT 285 internship may be taken for 1 to 3 credits; an INT 485 internship for 1 to 6 credits. These interdisciplinary internships are designed to provide students an opportunity to explore areas of interest or to link their field of study to other academic or occupational areas. The internship can be completed in a variety of private or public settings, and it can require students to draw correlations between various academic areas and the learning objectives of the internship experience. Students choose faculty sponsors from the academic discipline that most closely relates to their individual experiences. Graded Pass/Fail.