Integrative Experience

Credits: 4

Vision Statement for the Integrative Experience:

Integrative Experience (IE) courses are intended to incorporate and synthesize experiences and information across several disciplines. Students from multiple fields of study analyze a range of perspectives and develop an appreciation for the complexity of an idea, challenge or problem and work collaboratively with others to propose and, in some cases, implement a solution using their unique perspectives. Students draw from current (and previous) coursework and experiences outside of the classroom and apply problem-solving skills to make new connections and to communicate these assessments and conclusions (written, oral or visual) to a variety of audiences.

Integrative Experience Course Description:

The challenges of the twenty-first century underscore the need for connection and integration in student learning. Colby-Sawyer College wants students to be engaged, intentional and mindful in their intellectual development and academic growth so that they can contribute positively to an increasingly complex and challenging global community. The IE class is a purposefully designed, interdisciplinary course that gives students the opportunity to look at a complex problem and apply a potential solution. Integrative Experience classes look outward to the world — through field studies, community-based projects, course simulations or other major projects — and give students an opportunity to integrate, synthesize and apply the skills and knowledge they’ve gained from their other liberal education courses. The IE is the culmination of students’ work in the liberal education program. It’s an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to a complex topic and to think about the ways they connect to the world around them in a deeply personal way.

Integrative Experiences are 300-level courses that are noted in the course descriptions section of the catalog and include IE 300, BUS 366, ENV 325 and WRT 335. A prerequisite of Integrative Experience courses is the completion of four Liberal Arts core courses.

An Integrative Experience course may not be counted toward the major if it is taken as an Integrative Experience course.

IE Course Outcomes:

Students will:

  • Articulate and integrate multiple perspectives within a particular discipline through in-class discussions, analytical writing and/or group collaborations.
  • Analyze course topics in an interdisciplinary manner through in-class discussions, analytical writing and course projects.
  • Connect the course material to the outside world through experiences such as field studies excursions, community projects, course simulations, major projects, presentations and/or reflective essays.
  • Reflect how facets of their own personal well-being are related to the course topic through reflective writing and communication.
  • Utilize effective communication skills through in-class discussion and presentations.
  • Utilize creative and critical thinking to synthesize the broad body of knowledge gained from their liberal education courses, courses in their major or their cocurricular experiences.