FYE 101: First Year Experience

Class Program
Credits 4

The world is a complex place with complex problems. How is the food on our table affected by economics, cultural practices, government, and even advertising? As technology and automation continue to advance, how should we as humans think about work, productivity, and ourselves? In the face of climate change and its effects, how should we think about wellness, economic growth, inequality, and social justice?

Your First-Year Experience is an opportunity to tackle one of these global issues head on. In this class, you’ll look deeply at how experts from different disciplines think about a thorny global problem. You’ll collaborate with your classmates and various faculty members to ask questions and break new ground. The goal isn’t to solve one of these complex global issues by the end of the semester. Instead, this class is an opportunity to ask deep questions, think about them from a variety of perspectives, and begin coming up with potential solutions. You’ll be challenged to think critically, to collaborate, and to think about where your life fits in with the complex world around you. It’s your first step in your academic career at CSC and the first step in your journey to become an active citizen who can lead a healthy, thoughtful, and fulfilling life in our global community.