ENV 363: Tropical Communities

Credits 4
Integrative Experience Course
Integrative Experience

Tropical communities will explore the importance of earth’s most diverse ecosystem, coral reefs, on not only marine plant and animal biodiversity but also on the local and global economy and environment. We will investigate the impact of climate change, fishing, land-use practices, ocean acidification and pollution on these ecosystems. Students will build a foundation of knowledge on the biology, tropical ecology and geology of these marine ecosystems on an island. We will examine the culture, epidemiology and history of the island so as to develop an appreciation of the impacts marine ecosystems have on food, culture, people, health and climate both locally and globally. The course will conclude with a 10-day trip to an island during the January break. During the trip students will work in small groups to complete a unique research project.

  • Completion of three Liberal Education Core Areas.
Semester Offered
Offered fall of odd-numbered years