ENV 362: Alpine Communities

Credits 4
Integrative Experience Course
Integrative Experience

The White Mountains region of New Hampshire is relatively small, has always been sparsely populated and is a difficult region to navigate. In this field study course we will look at issues relating to history, societies, cultures, business, ecology, politics and environmental impacts of the region, including its extensive alpine zone. The region is within a day’s drive to a quarter of the nation’s people, and as such, the land has been abused and overused in many areas. Today debates rage over proposed roadless areas, how much and where logging should occur, who should have access to certain areas and what activities should be permitted. In addition to our in-classroom study, we will travel to the region for a day trip and spend 4 days camping and hiking on Mt. Washington.

  • Completion of three Liberal Education Core Areas.
Semester Offered
Offered fall of odd-numbered years