Degrees and Certificates


CHE 101: Principles of Chemistry I (+lab)

Topics covered in this course include basic properties of matter, stoichiometry, the interactions of light and matter, an introduction to quantum theory, the electronic structure of the atom, chemical periodicity, thermochemistry, bonding theories and the properties of gases. The laboratory exercises introduce students to various quantitative methods of analysis, including gravimetric analysis, titrations and visible spectroscopy. A $50 lab fee is charged.

CHE 102: Principles of Chemistry II (+lab)

This course builds upon the principles developed in CHE 101. Topics include properties of liquids, solids and solutions; kinetics; chemical equilibria; acid/base chemistry; solubility equilibria; electrochemistry; thermodynamics; and an introduction to organic chemistry. The laboratory provides additional experience with instrumental and non-instrumental methods of analysis, synthesis and purification and solution equilibria. A $50 lab fee is charged.

CHE 307: Organic Chemistry I (+lab)

Topics covered in the first semester of organic chemistry include the structure of organic compounds, organic nomenclature, stereochemistry and an introduction to organic reaction mechanisms, including radical halogenation, nucleophilic substitution and elimination. Laboratory work emphasizes the mastery of basic techniques of organic chemistry, including recrystallization, extraction, distillation and the determination of physical properties. A $50 lab fee is charged.

CHE 308: Organic Chemistry II (+lab)

The study of organic chemistry continues, using a mechanistic and synthetic approach to functional group chemistry. Organic spectroscopy is emphasized. The behavior of alcohols, ethers, aldehydes and ketones and carboxylic acids and their derivatives are examined in greater detail. The course concludes with an introduction to important classes of biomolecules, including lipids, carbohydrates and proteins. Laboratory work emphasizes synthetic organic chemistry and qualitative organic analysis. A $50 lab fee is charged.