Degrees and Certificates


ACC 216: Financial Accounting I

This course introduces the basic concepts of financial accounting and managerial accounting. Accounting describes economic events that occur in organizations and is presented as a course of information and a tool for effective decision making. Students learn to prepare, understand and interpret financial statements. Actual company annual reports, 10K and proxy statements are used. The course is taught from an accounting user perspective.

ACC 217: Financial Analysis and Reporting

Financial Analysis and Reporting continues the examination of financial accounting concepts. Topics include stockholders’ equity, cash flow and financial analysis. Actual corporate data and documents will be scrutinized looking at profitability, liquidity, solvency and long-term viability. The course will also take an introductory look at international financial report standards

ACC 301: Intermediate Accounting I

Intermediate Accounting is a detailed look at the GAAP concepts introduced in Financial Accounting. The course presents a comprehensive review of financial statements, accrual accounting and the time value of money followed by a close look at the asset portion of the balance sheet. Issues surrounding cash, receivables, inventory and long-term assets are examined in detail.

ACC 342: Taxation

This course introduces the underlying concepts of federal taxation both at an individual and corporate perspective. Students learn to understand and prepare individual and corporate tax returns.

ACC 349: Auditing and Financial Fraud

This course covers concepts, practices and procedures of auditing and compliance at various types of institutions. Company requirements of internal audit, external audit and compliance, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements, are studied from a management perspective. Guest speakers are used to illustrate the public and managerial accounting perspectives.

ACC 351: Business Lab Assistant

Qualified junior and senior students may apply to work with financial accounting faculty members as a lab assistant for ACC 217 Financial Analysis and Reporting. The assistant has instructional responsibilities during predetermined scheduled labs and participates with the faculty member in regular discussions concerning the course and teaching methodology.