Academic Suspension and Dismissal

At the end of each semester the academic records of students on probation are reviewed to determine whether they have met the college’s standards for satisfactory progress. Students currently on probation who do not achieve the minimum satisfactory grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 at the end of the next semester may be suspended or dismissed from the college. Students whose semester performance is satisfactory but whose cumulative GPA remains unsatisfactory at the end of the next semester following notification of probation also may be suspended or dismissed. A student whose GPA is below 1.50 may be suspended; below a 1.0 a student may be dismissed without having been placed on academic probation in a prior semester.

Students who are suspended are eligible for re-admittance to the college after a specific period of time, usually one semester. For the purposes of academic suspension, the summer semester shall not be counted in the cumulative period; moreover, students are not permitted to enroll in summer courses at CSC while suspended. Students who are suspended from the college may not participate in internships during their suspension. Students who do not seek re-admittance after suspension are withdrawn from Colby-Sawyer.

Students who are dismissed from Colby-Sawyer College may not be readmitted.

Please note: Students who are suspended for conduct reasons will have a notation added to their transcripts for as long as the suspension is in effect. Students who are dismissed for conduct reasons will have a notation added to their transcripts.  

Academic Appeals

At the end of the semester in which the action was taken students who are suspended or dismissed from the college for academic reasons may appeal to the Academic Review Board (ARB). The ARB’s responsibilities are to review student academic appeals for suspension or dismissal and to communicate decisions to the students. When a student is informed about their suspension or dismissal, they will also receive information about the appeal process and deadlines.

Students who choose to appeal must submit a written request for a hearing to the director of student success and retention via the online link embedded in the academic status notice. Students may request an expedited online hearing or an on-campus hearing, but the ARB will make the final determination of the hearing format.

  • The ARB hearing date and time is set once the student’s appeal is received.
  • Hearings are usually scheduled after the end of finals in the fall and spring. Students who cannot attend a hearing during the usual dates may request an expedited hearing.
  • Decisions on expedited online hearings are made based on the written appeal and the student’s documented academic history.
  • Family members and legal counsel are not permitted to attend the hearing.
  • The members of the ARB will have a copy of the student’s academic record which may include mid-semester grades and records of academic dishonesty.
  • The chair of the hearing will communicate the board’s decision to the student after the hearing and in writing to the student.
  • The decision of the ARB is final.