Academic Probation

Students whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) is below the minimum satisfactory standard of 2.00 for undergraduates or 2.70 for graduate students are placed on academic probation and notified in writing of their status. Academic probation indicates that students must improve their performance or risk suspension or dismissal at the end of the next semester. Satisfactory progress is monitored each semester to assure students meet the minimum 2.00 GPA for graduation. A student whose GPA is below 1.50 may be suspended; below a 1.00 a student may be dismissed without having been placed on academic probation in a prior semester.

Students on academic probation risk losing their financial aid and/or tuition-remission assistance and/or their athletic eligibility. Students are urged to meet with their advisor to plan a strategy to improve their academic performance. Students may be advised to reduce their course load and/or repeat courses. In addition, students should take advantage of the services of the Student Learning Collaborative or Access Resources. Students who are on academic probation for two or more semesters may be suspended.